India's Unsurpassed Cuisine
India's Unsurpassed Cuisine: The Art of Indian Curry Cooking
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There is absolutely nothing like curry to make body, mind, and spirit happy.

You can savor an array of spectacular kebabs, chutneys, vegetarian and nonvegetarian entrees, breads, legumes, seductive desserts, and nourishing drinks in India’s Unsurpassed Cuisine.

Learn how to make more than 150 delicious, tempting offerings such as Barbecue Tandoori-Style Chicken Kebab with Naan, Emperor Jahangir’s Mughal-Style Chicken Curry, Mughal-Style Hamburger, Hot Mint Chutney, Empress Nur-Jahan’s Lamb Pilao, and Spicy Fillet of Salmon.

But this is much more than a cookbook: the mouthwatering, legendary, main course recipes are embellished with lavish tales of history, traditions, and lore that embrace the sensuous cuisine of India.

Step back in time and discover how Mughal emperors enriched their empire with the creation of India’s world-famous haute cuisine featuring lamb and chicken dishes in fragrant, seductive almond, cashew, and pistachio sauces sautéed in spices.

Be mesmerized by the tale of the handsome prime minister who fell under the spell of a beautiful dancing diva and her extraordinary talents as a chef.

Whether you’re seeking to satisfy your thirst for knowledge or your palate, you’ll be thrilled by the fascinating history and wonderful tastes of India’s Unsurpassed Cuisine (Editor’s Choice, 2016).

Rani attests, “Curry awakens the mind, arouses the senses, and makes us energetic and cheerful.” Masterfully adapted for use in American kitchens, this book includes a dazzling repertoire of authentic, delicious, healthy, and easy-to-prepare recipes of diverse flavors from India’s ancient and distinguished culinary heritage.


Rani was born in the beautiful beach town of Vizagapatnam in the south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh and went on to receive a Master of Arts degree in Western History from the University of Lucknow. She writes, "I am very proud to say that my 'gift of good health' came from a spiritual reawakening through Indian food, because it promotes creativity, life, vitality, strength, health, laughter, joy and cheerfulness."

It wasn’t always that way though. Arriving in the United States as the young wife of an American, Rani lost weight drastically. The culture shock of living in a strange new world was more than she could bear and she was homesick and missed her mother's cooking. The remedy for both was Indian food. Rani drew on tastes of the past as she taught herself to cook. And thus was born her life-long passion for healthy Indian cuisine as a comforting reminder of home. The sensuous culinary delights within the pages of her two cookbooks Feast of India: A Legacy of Recipes and Fables and India's Unsurpassed Cuisine: The Art of Indian Curry Cooking (Editor's Choice) are simple ‘How To’ guides for preparing authentic Indian cuisine.

Rani taught Cuisine of India at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), University Extension, Department of the Arts. She also gave private cooking lessons, cooking demonstrations at the UCLA Campus in Westwood and at The Epicure Shop in Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills to promote their products. She recalls fondly being told by several customers, "We followed the irresistible aroma of your delicious mouth-watering Mughal-Style Chicken Curry and Basmati Rice all the way from Rodeo Drive into this store!"

Rani has one son and five grandchildren who love Indian cuisine. She reminds them and her daughter-in-law, “We are what we eat and what we eat and how we treat our bodies is a risk factor we can control.”


Table of Contents

1 Curry Spices and How They Work
2 Timeless Curry Powder (Kari Podi)
3 The Curry Kitchen
4 Delicious Chutneys and Relishes
5 Savory Mughal-Style Kebabs
6 Incredible Soups
7 Fresh Salads
8 Unforgettable Legendary Classics
9 Favorite Meat and Poultry Curries
10 Sumptuous Seafood Curries
11 Tasty Vegetables
12 Fragrant Long-Grain Basmati Rice Entrees
13 Stir-Fried Curry Noodles and Pasta
14 Nourishing Legumes and Beans
15 Hearty Indian Breads
16 Seductive Desserts
17 Refreshing Drinks
18 He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not;
She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
Glossary of Terms
List of Indian Grocers and Spice Shops
Oven Temperatures


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