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Fifi's World by Offshoot from Ratna Sagar / Offshoot Books

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    Kalabindu Enterprise P. Ltd. / Offshoot
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    Paperback / softback
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    USD 13.95
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  • Ratna Sagar / Offshoot Books
Ratna Sagar / Offshoot Books

Offered By Ratna Sagar / Offshoot Books

Founded in 1982, Ratna Sagar is one of the biggest publishers in India. We have a wide range of textbooks, digital content, and Android apps. Last year Ratna Sagar introduced its latest imprint "Offshoot" to the market. Offshoot - off the "sense" - the no offense brand develops books that are "f...

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Messy rooms, cluttered desks, busy streets will leave you baffled and bemused. Trouble, they say, never comes alone—and in this book it comes in the guise of Fifi, Jiffy, Mimi, Jingo, Snacky, Lofty and Softy. Go searching for these characters and their belongings lurking in every corner of these intricately detailed pages.

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