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Peek-a-cooked by Offshoot from Ratna Sagar / Offshoot Books

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  • Hidden pictures that peek-a-boo!
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    Kalabindu Enterprise P. Ltd. / Offshoot
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    Paperback / softback
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  • Ratna Sagar / Offshoot Books
Ratna Sagar / Offshoot Books

Offered By Ratna Sagar / Offshoot Books

Founded in 1982, Ratna Sagar is one of the biggest publishers in India. We have a wide range of textbooks, digital content, and Android apps. Last year Ratna Sagar introduced its latest imprint "Offshoot" to the market. Offshoot - off the "sense" - the no offense brand develops books that are "f...

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The pages with their interesting range of illustrations make the hunt for things being cooked, a pleasure in itself. The reader is amused being bemused and is led through the pages, honing his perception and recognition skills.

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