Earth Lost Without Power
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"When greed for power consumes people?s souls, there is no limit to how far they will go in pursuit of their goals, regardless of the destruction they may wreak on others.

When an enormous missile launches from within the Russian empire, countries around the globe are in shock. It seems Russian scientists have developed power neutron bombs and placed them in orbit around the earth in order to consolidate the empire?s power. But their plans go awry when faulty equipment launches all of the missiles back toward the earth in one shocking blow. The Russian military activates a self-destruct mechanism, but it is too late for billions of people on earth. Those who don?t die in the initial explosions?as their bodies? nervous systems are fatally disrupted?find themselves living without electricity. Planes plummet from the sky, and modern life comes to a screeching halt. Now only time will tell if humanity will ever recover.

In this science fiction novel, powerful neutron bombs devastate human life on earth, leaving the survivors to pick up the pieces."

Exhibited At: International book fairs