The Song of 安琪 An-Chee
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More About This Title The Song of 安琪 An-Chee


"?? escapes from the Chinese dynasty past the Great Wall of China from that winds through the mountains from east to west. A secret path by the ocean leads to freedom. ?? An-chee is a gifted artist. The guards of the dynasty capture her but she escapes back to her art studio to hear her heartbeat. She feels the call of her heart through the gift of art as she
is lost in her paintings of nature and the tune of an ancient flute which she hears echo through the mountains.
The woman?s name, An-chee, means Peaceful and Quiet ?? .
?? Peaceful leaves her studio as a guard delivers her a message. The parchment in his hand holds the map and key to her destiny, which involves travel across the East China Sea. She takes destiny?s hand and walks an ancient path to the top of the mountain, following the sound of the flute. In walking up this path she finds a mountain landscape that is untouched by the world, a secluded home of happiness. The echo of the flute can be heard as it ripples through the waterfall and ends up as part of the painting of water and a rainbow of color and light. So the ancient art of writing, painting and color find their home in the mountains with her family by her side. Ancient sounds and ancient art find their home in the heart."

Exhibited At: International book fairs