Looking into the Revelation
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"Since the Bible was first written, the book of Revelation has provided readers with a glimpse of what is to come. But even as the world rapidly fulfills the ancient Scripture, many still avoid its obscure, symbolic language, which often lends itself to fanatical interpretation. In Looking into the Revelation, a seasoned pastor uses various version of the Bible to provide a clear explanation of biblical texts relating to the end of the world as we know it.

Dr. Boyd Gray, a minister with more than thirty years of experience, offers a comprehensive study from the premillennial view based on his opinion that the masses are either not ready for the return of Christ or have dismissed it as myth altogether. As Dr. Gray works his way through Scripture detailing the truths of John the Apostle and the predicted tribulations of the Antichrist, he demonstrates through his interpretations that God?s Word is the truth?a message he hopes will motivate sinners to heed the Lord?s gracious call to salvation.

Looking into the Revelation shares a careful examination of biblical text that seeks to encourage people of all faiths to reexamine their lives and their beliefs and to fall in love with the Lord Jesus Christ."

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