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Maximize Your Child's Bilingual Ability by Adam Beck from Adam Beck

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  • Ideas and inspiration for even greater success and joy raising bilingual kids
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    Bilingual Adventures
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    Paperback / softback
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  • Publication Date:
    April 17, 2016
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    6 inches
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    9 inches
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    15 ounces
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  • Adam Beck
The #1 bestselling book at Amazon on raising bilingual children  The #1 bestselling book at Amazon on raising bilingual children
Adam Beck

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Interested in the foreign language rights to this popular, widely-praised book on raising bilingual and multilingual children? Since its release in April 2016, the original English edition of Maximize Your Child's Bilingual Ability has sold thousands of copies worldwide and earned dozens of five-st...

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Praised worldwide by parents and experts in the field, Maximize Your Child's Bilingual Ability is the uniquely empowering guidebook to the bilingual journey by Adam Beck, founder of the popular blog Bilingual Monkeys ( and the lively forum The Bilingual Zoo (

Beck, a longtime practitioner of bilingual development in children, shares the best of his personal experience as an educator and parent, offering a wealth of actionable advice in this practical and comprehensive road map to greater success and joy raising bilingual and multilingual kids.

Maximize Your Child’s Bilingual Ability will enable you to...

*Deepen your grasp of the key factors (including the two “core conditions”) for successfully nurturing a bilingual child

*Strengthen your efforts by taking even more mindful and effective action on a regular basis

*Boost your child’s language development, day by day, and bilingual ability over the years of childhood

*Empower your spirit and feel greater motivation, enthusiasm, and perseverance

*Experience a more joyful adventure with your child and a richer, closer relationship

  • English

Preface xi
Introduction xiii
About Me and My Family xvi
How to Make the Most of This Book xxi
Part One: Perspectives 1
Perspective 1: The Spirit of the Bilingual Journey 3
Perspective 2: The Best Thing About Raising a Bilingual Child 5
Perspective 3: Your Actions Matter Profoundly 7
Perspective 4: Your Child Wants to Be Bilingual 10
Perspective 5: Put the Odds of Success in Your Favor 12
Perspective 6: Take Full Advantage of the Early Years 15
Perspective 7: Stay Conscious of Your Quest 18
Perspective 8: Seize the Day, Day After Day 22
Perspective 9: Persistent Efforts Add Up Over Time 25
Perspective 10: Sustain Good Habits and Routines 28
Perspective 11: Fill the “Cracks” of Your Days 33
Perspective 12: Stay Patient with the Process 36
Perspective 13: Practice “Preventive Medicine” 39
Perspective 14: Passion Fuels the Progress 42
Perspective 15: Be Very Serious, Be Very Playful 44
Perspective 16: Don’t Teach, Give Joy 48
Perspective 17: The “Magical Ingredient” for Motivation 50
Perspective 18: Engage with Every Interruption 53
Perspective 19: Creative Thinking Is Key 56
Perspective 20: It’s About How Hard You Try 60
Perspective 21: Maintain Firm Expectations 64
Perspective 22: This Journey Is a Very Long Trip 67
Perspective 23: Always Be Evolving 71
Perspective 24: There Is No Failure 73
Perspective 25: You Are Not Alone 76
Perspective 26: Keep a Journal on Your Kids 78
Perspective 27: The Value of an Archive 84
Perspective 28: Write Letters to the Future 87
Perspective 29: Appreciate All This Keenly 91
Perspective 30: Bilingual Kids Can Change the World 95
Part Two: Principles 97
Principle 1: Make This a Priority 99
Principle 2: Inform Yourself on the Subject 102
Principle 3: Satisfy the Core Conditions 106
Principle 4: Satisfy the Core Conditions: Exposure 109
Principle 5: Satisfy the Core Conditions: Need 115
Principle 6: Choose an Effective Language Strategy 125
Principle 7: Match Your Action to Your Aim 135
Principle 8: Reshape the Basic Conditions First 140
Principle 9: Seek Out Suitable Resources 147
Principle 10: Ignite Your Child’s Interests 154
Principle 11: Hunt for “Home Run Books” 159
Principle 12: Make Productive Choices 165
Principle 13: Strengthen the Support Around You 169
Principle 14: Talk, Talk, Talk to Your Child 174
Principle 15: Read Aloud Every Day 177
Principle 16: Build a Large Home Library 185
Principle 17: Create a Print-Rich Environment 190
Principle 18: Commit to “Captive Reading” 195
Principle 19: Engage in Storytelling 201
Principle 20: Make Frequent Use of Music 208
Principle 21: Play Games Together 211
Principle 22: Prompt Interaction with Images 215
Principle 23: “Passive Media” Is Supplemental Exposure 219
Principle 24: Sustain a Regular Homework Routine 223
Principle 25: Recognize the Reality of Schooling 234
Principle 26: Promote Ties with Grandparents and Loved Ones 240
Principle 27: Instill Value in the Minority Language 245
Principle 28: Take Advantage of Bad Behavior, Too 252
Principle 29: Even Failure Can Contribute to Success 255
Principle 30: Persevere for the Payoff 258
Final Thoughts 262
Appendix 265

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Adam Beck has worked with hundreds of bilingual and multilingual children, from toddlers to teens, as both a classroom teacher and a private tutor over the past 20 years. He now lends support to many more families, in all parts of the world, through his blog Bilingual Monkeys ( and his forum The Bilingual Zoo (

Originally from the United States, Beck has lived in Hiroshima, Japan since 1996 and is raising two bilingual children in Japanese and English. He attended college in New York, graduate school in San Francisco, and was a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Czech Republic, where he taught English at the University of West Bohemia in the city of Pilsen.

  • English

Praised by experts in the field...

“A pure gem! Adam Beck has created a truly wonderful and easily readable book that parents everywhere will enjoy and that bilingual families and children will benefit from.” —Dr. Annick De Houwer, leading researcher of child bilingualism and author of Bilingual First Language Acquisition

“Who but Adam Beck can tie together the complexities of raising a bilingual child with such wisdom, warmth, and wit? He shows how fun speaking another language at home can be." —Christine Jernigan, PhD in foreign language education and author of Family Language Learning

“I have recommended it often to parents raising bilingual children. Without fail, their reaction is ‘Thank you. This is exactly what I need.’” —Jennifer Brunk, longtime educator and founder of the popular site Spanish Playground

“If books are food for thought and if continuing to learn about bilingualism is an essential part of a bilingual parent’s mental diet, Maximize Your Child’s Bilingual Ability is nutritional superfood…the ideal guidebook for parents who are sure of their commitment to bilingual parenting but in need of ideas and ongoing inspiration.” —Michele Cherie, writer and founder of the blog Intentional Mama

Praised by parents of bilingual and multilingual kids around the world...

“There are many resources out there for bilingual families, but Maximize Your Child's Bilingual Ability is uniquely special.” —Ana Paula in the U.S.

“After reading Adam’s book and putting into practice every tactic suitable to our circumstances, I noticed extraordinary progress in my son’s language ability.” —Deborah in the U.S.

“If you are going to read one book about raising bilingual children, make it this one. We finished reading it feeling really inspired and full of new ideas.” —Alex in the U.K.

“Looks at bilingual upbringing from a different angle. Full of passion, enthusiasm, positivity, and interesting insights.” —Jana in the U.K.

“The most useful, practical, and motivating book on the market.” —Arancha in Spain

“If you are a parent looking to raise your child with two or more languages, look no further. This is the book you need.” —Alisa in France

“A treasure trove of wonderful practical ideas and creative tips.” —Julia in the U.S.

“The perfect guidebook for our family’s ongoing multilingual journey.” —Jonathan in Japan

“An ideal read when you’re expecting, and a good present for future parents to a bilingual baby!” —Julie in the U.K.

“A very inspirational book. A must-read for bilingual families.” —Gabi in Argentina