Struth the Bloody Truth
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"This book describes how we?ve all been living according to a reality that exists only in our own mind?s creation of what we believe to be reality. It explains how the church has manipulated the purely natural human emotion of fear to instill a belief in their god. Just as each different religion has their god as the only true god, so too does every individual.

?Astrology? is a word used to describe the energies that permeate life on Earth and, as once believed by now-ancient civilizations that were overtaken and nearly destroyed by religion, is the energy responsible for everything that manifests in life and, in fact, life itself. For too long now, man has lived under the fear of damnation in hell as a result of living against the word of the church?s god, which is only a creation of the church in order to preside over the minds of the masses for their own benefit.

Great monuments and rituals have been created by the church to give their god relevance and impress mankind to believe in a myth that exists solely for the purpose of gaining power over our mind and actions. The French and Spanish inquisitions are but one example of the total control the church almost achieved. But truth cannot be changed, for to do so is to manipulate the truth for your own selfish purposes.

Religion is in a constant state of change because religion is only a manipulation of philosophy. Astrology has never changed over the hundreds of thousands of years that man has been observing the movements of the stars. We are all only energy, just as is the light given from the stars and energy responds to energy. Thus we are all subject to a greater energy than our ego permits us to believe."

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