A Multitude of Mercies
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"It's been said that love is perfect, but that you don't have to be perfect to deserve love. Nancy ""Nan"" Parley's sister, Laura Harris, is far from perfect. Laura's life has been changed forever by a frightening disorder that drives her friends away and threatens to tear her family apart. Despite her imperfections, Laura has an incredible capacity to love-making her extremely vulnerable when she gets close.

Whenever a man enters Laura's life and offers her affection, Nan fears that he'll ultimately crush Laura, as previous suitors have done. Even though she has her little sister's best interests at heart, Nan's efforts to protect Laura may ultimately deny her the love that she so desperately needs. Nan struggles to replace her fear with faith, for both cannot occupy the same place.

A Multitude of Mercies is a compelling novel that will change the way you think about those who are trapped in the space between dreams and reality.


Exhibited At: International book fairs