School Toilet & Sanitation Dialogue

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The aim is to change the way people use public toilets in their daily lives and create a culture of personal accountability for sanitary practices. Stimulate the sense of ownership by the communities in their schools by initiating a serious campaign in public participation process.
The purpose is to develop the approaches in the use of emerging private sector in contributing to the sustainable improvement of toilet sanitation in African schools. Implement training and awareness programs for better use of toilets and sanitation facilities in schools, linked to vigorous teaching of fund raising projects by the schools. Thus enabling them to continue on their own once the donor and corporate funding has sown the seed and stopped funding.
The financial landscape of the toilet industry is worth billions of dollars, a great business opportunity to take all of us out of poverty. As we embark on The School Toilet Challenge and finding solutions, poverty is inherently being alleviated.
Trevor is a Lecturer in the Department of Water and Sanitation at University of Limpopo, South Africa.


Fhatuwani Trevor Mulaudzi is a dedicated and committed sanitation and conservation cadre, an agent for change and a vanguard. Bloemwater had the privilege of working and meeting with this colossus in 2009. Bloemwater was tasked by the Department of Water Affairs and Department of Education with renovation and deep cleaning of the school toilet blocks in 50 schools in the Free State Province of South Africa.
This seemingly demeaning program was implemented with impeccable acumen by Trevor Mulaudzi and his team of selfless craftsmen. They braved the stench and filth of the neglected toilet blocks with finesse that dismayed the doubting Thomas’s that it could be done with aplomb. Indeed it happened just like that!
Trevor Mulaudzi has a deep understanding of water, sanitation and conservation problems of the world in general and Africa in particular. He is a visionary, strategic collaborator and an influential human being whose loyalty to the development of the disadvantaged cannot be doubted. A decorated Geologist who abandoned and sacrificed his hard-earned university qualification for the sake of changing and improving the life of the vulnerable school children.
Through his initiatives which supply the sanitation and hygiene improvement programs, our children are ensured sound learning and education within hygienic conditions.
A Social Developmental Scientist second to none that we at Bloemwater have ever known whose skills and experience were honed by the destitute circumstances that the school children found themselves in. He single-handedly had to make interventions for over 15 years.
He is a member of the world’s biggest NGO the World Toilet Organization (WTO) based in Singapore and one of the four Vice Presidents of World Toilet Association, based in South Korea. He is also a member of International Code Council, the American based Building Council and American Society of Plumbing Engineers.
Trevor’s passion for his work is beyond description. Some of us have been strongly influenced by this individual made of a very rare fibre; considering his choice of a career that was driven by profound love and care for the destitute school children. If a request for people of his calibre were to be measured by the number of raindrops that fall to the ground, I would ask for floods and thunderstorms for the world to have many like him.



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Sanitation Challenge

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Dignity Toilets

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Radio 702 Toilet Dialogue with Udo: An unusual day for South Africans to be having such a heated discussions on the state of our public toilets. Once again Trevor got the dialogue going making the "Unpalatable subject palatable", as Rose George, the UK toilet journalist, author and toilet revolutionary would say.
We appreciate Udo's concern and interest on the subject of our environment and how we deal with our human waste. Udo met Trevor a few years ago and heard him speak passionately about the dirty school toilets and has been following Trevor and the progress he is making hence the invitation to his show. Subsequent to the show on Monday the listeners responded with great support, appreciation and concern for the toilet activist and we hope to keep in touch with our new affiliates. Good Morning Africa: Making a stand for those who cannot sit down. Together with Unilever, Trevor is raising awareness of the need for adequate sanitation for 2.6 billion people, who are 40% of the world’s population who cannot sit down because of dirty toilets as we celebrate World Toilet Day. We have to recognise their plight. The awareness is raised as the community recognises and acknowledge him in the shopping malls and restaurants.
19 November