Yorkshire in Photographs

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Yorkshire is not only the largest county in England, it is also the most beautiful; just ask anyone living there. If there is a heaven then it must surely look like this and landscape photographer, Dave Zdanowicz, has captured its essence in this collection of divine images. From the distinctive landscapes and timeless villages of the Yorkshire Dales National Park to the spectacular, wave-battered east coast, and from the dramatic North York Moors to the rolling hills and dales of the Peak District, this book has it covered. For its proud inhabitants, long-term visitors and even casual tourists, this book is a must. Scan through these photographs and you’ll quickly see why Yorkshire is known as ‘God’s Own County’.


Dave Zdanowicz is a landscape photographer from Bradford in West Yorkshire. Dave has already achieved a lot in a relatively short time in his photography career. He has provided images to major TV networks and his pictures have been published in national and international newspapers and magazines. He has also won many major UK landscape competitions.