The Clydach Murders

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John Morris’s new book is an investigation into the Clydach murders in South Wales in 1999 in which Mandy Power, her mother and two daughters were battered to death. Morris contends that, although tried twice, Dai Morris, the man convicted for the murders in 2006, is innocent. No forensic evidence or DNA connected him to the crime; his conviction was based on the lack of a solid alibi, the presence of his gold chain in Power’s house and the lies he initially told the police in explanation. His case is currently being reviewed and will be heard in the Court of Appeal, probably in 2018, in the light of new evidence, including DNA testing and falsification of police documents. South Wales Police was notorious in the period 1980 to 2010 for false convictions on fabricated evidence and the Morris case appears to be another instance of this. Significantly, previous suspects for the murders include former police officers, one of whom was having a lesbian affair with Mandy Power. There is every possibility that the case is a miscarriage of justice. The author has corresponded with Morris, studied all the police files and court papers, discussed the case with key witnesses and experts, and is convinced that Morris is both innocent, and the victim of a conspiracy to convict him. The brutal murder of an entire family is a horrible event but to compound that with an unsafe conviction shows a disrespect to the victims, to their relatives, to the family of Dai Morris and to the law.


John Morris was born and brought up in Northamptonshire. He later moved to Swansea, South Wales where he practiced law. Married with two children, he is now retired and living in rural Wicklow, Ireland. His previous book is Jack the Ripper: The Hand of a Woman, a compelling case that the Ripper was actually a woman.