Selected Shorts: Whodunit?

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Recorded live at the Peter Norton Symphony Space in New York City and at venues across the United States, these audio anthologies feature short stories from the Selected Shorts program that airs nationwide. More than 300,000 listeners tune in to this offering weekly to hear some of their favorite tales read aloud by an assortment of distinguished actors.


A dashing lineup of elegant crime tales and gritty hard-boiled detective stories—alternately menacing and cozy, with exotic locales and murder in the mix—are featured in this collection. Among the stories are Ed McBain's "Improvisation" read by Isaiah Sheffer, Louise Erdrich's "Gleason" read by Robert Sean Leonard, Nadine Gordiner's "Country Lovers" performed by Hattie Winston, the Dashiell Hammett classic "The Creeping Siamese" performed by John Shea, Shirley Jackson’s "The Summer People" performed by René Auberjonois, and C. S. Montanye's "A Shock for the Countess" read by Fionnula Flanagan.


Symphony Space is a performing arts center based in New York City that fosters artistically and culturally diverse performing arts, literary, and film programs that bring artists and audiences together in an atmosphere of exploration and intimacy. This organization reaches audiences throughout New York City, the wider metropolitan area, and—through distribution of programs via media such as radio, recordings, podcasts, and touring—the nation.


"The narrators are perfectly matched with their material, and the stories themselves keep listeners intrigued and entertained. The live audience adds enjoyment and a commonality as a listener laughs along with them."  —Publishers Weekly

"Recommended for all large public libraries."  —Library Journal"Some of the more intelligent short stories in audio book land are on the yearly release of Selected Shorts by Symphony Space."  —The Boston Globe"Selected Shorts is one of the best evenings of the theatre."  David Sedaris"Symphony Space is the angel of the short story."  —Grace Paley

"Here, performance art is at its best. Perfect for a road trip, long commute or relaxing at home, these stories transport the listener to different times and places with ease."  —Deseret News

"Murder, kidnapping, theft, and all their subtle and savage consequences are the subjects of yet another stellar Symphony Space collection."  —Audiofile