La Culpa

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In this book, Raquel Levinstein lists situations that do not leave you feeling happy, and gives you an answer why: guilt. That executioner that acts in silence and is difficult to separate has always been present in this way, even from childhood. With simple exercises, the author tells you how to eliminate this emotion from your life by remembering who you are and who created you.

En esta obra, Raquel Levinstein enumera las situaciones que no te dejan ser feliz y les da una respuesta: la culpa. Ese verdugo que actúa en silencio y que es difícil apartar cuando se ha vivido así siempre, incluso desde la infancia. Con sencillos ejercicios, la autora te dice cómo eliminar esta emoción de tu vida, recordando quién eres y quién te creó.


Raquel Levinstein is a Pioneer in the field of quantum psychology and spirit with 33 years of experience. She is the director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Services for Human Development and is the author of various bestselling titles such as El infierno del resentimiento y la magia del perdón.