Mountain Bike Maintenance

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Throughout its history, the bicycle has become more efficient, lighter, and stronger, in addition to becoming more suited to a wide range of terrain and more accessible to a broad range of users. This book looks briefly at the history of the mountain bike and basic cycling techniques before taking a detailed and in-depth look into how to service, maintain, and repair the modern mountain bike, with step-by-step tutorials throughout. It covers tools and equipment, wheels and tires, gears, drivetrain, brakes and suspension, and handlebars, pedals, saddles, and headsets.


Peter Ballin is an accomplished international mountain bike racer and guide. He has worked as a bike mechanic in the French Alps, worked with professional riders as a mechanic on the world cup circuit, worked as a mountain bike trail builder in New Zealand and Canada, and run his own mountain bike holiday company in the south of Spain.