Great Writers On The Great War Kipling's War

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This book takes the reader, alongside Kipling, to the training camps of Kitchener’s army in the south of England, to the lines of the French army and the villages just behind them, to sea with submarines, minesweepers and the big ships of Jutland, to the Alpine front between Italy and Austria-Hungary and alongside the Irish Guards as they fight in the first battles of the war in the summer of 1914. Together with other leading writers, at the start of the First World War Rudyard Kipling wrote in support of Britain’s war aims. Kipling’s War is taken from four of his articles and pamphlets, "The New Army in Training", "France at War", "The War in the Mountains" and "The War at Sea", as well as from Kipling’s history of the Irish Guards, the unit in which his son was serving when he died at Loos in 1915.


Born in Bombay in 1865, Rudyard Kipling is chiefly known for his short stories and poems about life in nineteenth-century India. He was the author of Kim, The Jungle Book, The Just So Stories, short stories like "The Man Who Would Be King" and such poems as "If" and "Mandalay". Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1907, he died in 1936.