Competition in Africa

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The nature of competitive rivalry, and the power and interests of large firms and their owners, is at the heart of how countries develop. Large firms shape the economy as these firms can make the investments required in productive capacity, provide the upstream inputs and services required by smaller businesses and, in many areas, are also the main routes to market. At the same time these firms tend to have market power if competition between them is weak. In crude terms, it is critical whether these firms are able to focus on extracting rents through market power, or whether the returns reward their effort, creativity and entrepreneurship. Competition authorities and economic regulators are critical institutions in restraining the market power of firms while at the same tie taking into account the need to incentivise investment. The book maps out key issues in competition through four key industry studies across Southern and East Africa. It considers the nature and extent of market power, the development of large firms, their production, investment and the prices of products across countries. This takes into account the work of competition authorities in the different countries and the implications of industrial policies. The concluding chapter draws out critical implications for competition, regional integration and economic development. This fills a big gap as there are no similar publications relating to this important topic.


Simon Roberts is a professor of economics and executive director of the Centre for Competition, Regulation and Economic Development (CCRED) at the University of Johannesburg. Simon has been an expert economic witness in a number of major competition cases in South Africa and has advised competition authorities and governments across many African countries on issues of competition and economic policy. Simon held the position of chief economist and manager of the Policy and Research Division at the Competition Commission of South Africa from 2006 to 2012. He has a PhD from the University of London (Birkbeck College), an MA from the University of East Anglia and a BA Hons from Oxford University.