Daisy's Lost Hat

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Daisy's Lost Hat is the very first story from mini-ponies Parker & Daisy. In their brand new adventure series, the Ain't Misbehavin' Ponies will explore new territory and new things. They will meet other horses and animals, learn important lessons and always get into a little trouble. The Parker & Daisy children's books feature real pictures of real ponies on a real horse farm, unlike the illustrated characters found in most other books. Ponies help teach children emotional and physical confidence, and Parker & Daisy make learning fun. Who doesn't love a pony? Hope to meet you soon! Parker and Daisy


Maribeth Nordman is an accomplished equestrian, small business owner, pet lover and incredible mom and wife. She is well known for her natural and emotional connection with animals (especially horses and dogs) and her love of children. She has seen, first hand, the joy that horses can bring to children and the improvements in emotional and physical confidence that result. Most children's books feature illustrative (not real life) characters who live in a fairy tale or make-believe place. Maribeth believes that the adventures of real characters (Parker & Daisy) living on a real farm can be much more memorable and impactful for children, and that the lessons learned from these incredibly adorable mini-ponies and their "friends" can truly aid in the positive development of younger children. All of the photos in the Parker & Daisy books are real, taken by Maribeth on her "Heaven Sent Farm" in northern Florida. We hope you enjoy "Daisy's Lost Hat" and the many adventures of Parker & Daisy yet to come.