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When a determined woman puts her mind to something, she will work very hard until she gets it, despite whatever roadblocks are put in her way. “Pearls” is the perfect metaphor for the women in this special book, i.e., women of great value and rarity who were shaped, not crushed, by the myriad vagaries of life -- like pearls. The women whose stories come alive in Book Two have experienced challenges of all types during the courses of their lives and careers: the loss of loved ones, traumatic childhoods, career upheavals and gender discrimination. What makes them different is that each of them understands her worth, refused to give up when life got tough and has achieved great professional and spiritual success. “Pearls: Women Who Radiate Success, Book 2” is a candid, deep dive into the lives of women we tend to admire—the ones who have climbed to the top of the ladder.


Fred Dawson is a writer, musician, businessman, speaker, antique car collector and community leader. He has written hundreds of articles for local, national and international publications and has appeared on both radio and national television programs. In 1961, at the age of 11, Fred Dawson’s mother bought him a clarinet and ignited in him a passion for music that has been a major source of joy his entire life. He started playing professionally at age 16 and began recording at age 17. In his early band days, Fred also played sax. His bands appeared as warm up concert acts for the likes of Poco, Chicago, Dr. Hook, and many others. He made numerous TV appearances and toured from Hollywood to Maine. Many years later, Fred played four concerts with “Yakety Sax” man Boots Randolph, a major part of the “Nashville Sound” for most of his professional career. The two became very close friends until Randolph’s death in 2007. Boots’ family presented his famous saxophone to Fred, who displays it prominently in the music room of his Yorklyn, Delaware home. Fred has attended several Rock ’n’ Roll Fantasy Camps and has performed with Micky Dolenz of the The Monkees, Spencer Davis of the Spencer Davis Group, Liberty Devito and Mark Rivera (drummer and saxophonist for Billy Joel) and many others. He met Ringo Starr for two nanoseconds in 2003 before one of his shows. In his fifties, Fred started Club Phred, a group of accomplished musicians delighted with 60s and 70s Classic Rock. Club Phred has won numerous awards from the Delaware media and since 2004 has helped various charitable organizations raise more than $2.5 million. Check out Executive vice president of Bassett, Dawson & Foy, Inc., Fred has over 30 years of wealth management experience and has dedicated himself to being a trusted advisor to successful women. Fred and his wife, Louise, have two children and five grandchildren.