The Triumph TR2 and TR4A

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More About This Title The Triumph TR2 and TR4A


This fascinating book explores the development of the early models of what was to become a legendary sports car brand, the Triumph TRs. Having failed in their bid to buy Morgan, the bosses at the Standard Motor Company decided to design their own sports car. The result was the TRX and 20TS, which outlined the shape of what was to become but which also revealed several teething problems. As these were gradually ironed out, the TR2 came on the scene, the first car to truly embody the essential TR DNA. The 1953, TR2 was soon followed by a TR3, which had more power and body options as well as disc brakes, which allowed all that power to be exploited with confidence. The book covers the various competitions, including hill climbs and rallies, where the TR3 showed its paces and it soon became one of the bestselling TR brands of all time, both in the UK, the US, and elsewhere. Introduced in 1961, the new Michelotti designed TR4 was a sleek, modern sports car with a bigger engine. Later, the TR4A would continue to incorporate improvements such as independent rear suspension. Providing full details of all models in a readable and engaging style, this book provides all the information you need about TR sports cars.


John Nikas is the author of The British Sports Car Companion and Rule Britannia: When British Sports Cars Saved a Nation, which has been designated as the Chairman’s Selection for the 2017 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. He has authored dozens of articles on automotive topics and was the 2011 Recipient of the Denise McCluggage Award. He currently serves as the Director of Communications for Moss Motors, which is the world’s oldest and largest supplier of British sports car parts, and is the Director for the British Sports Car Hall of Fame.