Bond Vehicle Collectibles

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In 1962 movie audiences were introduced to the most famous secret agent in the world, and his fleet of fabulous motor cars. Equipped with machine-guns and an ejection seat, the Aston Martin DB5 that first appeared in Goldfinger is probably the most famous movie car of all time. It was followed by the autogyro Little Nellie in You Only Live Twice; the Lotus Esprit submarine car in The Spy Who Loved Me; Space Shuttles in Moonraker; a Citroen 2CV in For Your Eyes Only; and the specially built Aston Martin DB10 in Spectre. In 1965 the British toy company Corgi released a model of the DB5, complete with an array of spy gadgets, including a working ejection seat. Over the next five decades Corgi would go on to produce dozens more Bond models. Other firms joined in, producing both toys for children, and highly detailed models aimed at adult collectors. Today there are hundreds of models for the dedicated Bond fan to hunt down. Here is your guide to the exciting world of miniature Bond cars, and their gadgets; with advice from an experienced Bond collector.


Paul Brent Adams is a lifelong aviation enthusiast and modeler. His writing has appeared in hobby magazines since 1981 and he has collected die-cast Star Cars since the 1990s.