Jeep Wrangler

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The story of today’s Jeep Wrangler has an intriguing and unusual beginning, when the U.S. Army's demands during World War II led to the production of a simple, yet multi-purpose, go-anywhere vehicle that could easily (and cheaply) be mass produced. This book looks at how the original Willys jeep evolved through CJ-7 models into the mass-produced machine that we know today as the Jeep Wrangler. It takes a good look at the model changes, why it’s called a "Jeep" and how it developed into the sophisticated 4x4. The author explains makes the Wrangler such a technically superior vehicle; what it is like to drive off-road; and what you need to look for when buying one. He also looks at the outrageous, modified versions, the accessory industry behind the model, the international events it has competed in and the clubs that have kept the brand alive. The book reveals how an American icon become owned by Italian motor manufacturer Fiat and what the future holds. The book also includes details of the new Wrangler range.


Nigel Fryatt is editor of 4x4 Magazine and a columnist for Classic Car Buyer. He has been a motoring journalist for over 30 years, having edited Sporting Cars, Cars and Car Conversions.