The Bird and the Moon

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You get up. You sing. You eat worms. How hard can it be? Well, for one misfit little Cardinal - fitting in just isn’t in the feathers. Kicked out of his own nest and alone in the night our hero asks the only question any of us would in that moment: “Does anyone want to sing with me?” Not a peep. Then came a voice from a place not so near. It was soft and brilliant, sweet and clear. Why it was the moon and just look how she glowed. All at once, the red bird whispered, “Hello?” “The Bird and the Moon" tells the fanciful story of a very unusual friendship. When our hero finds himself thrown from his nest and alone in the night, it's the beautiful princess Moon that comes to sing away the loneliness. Illustrated by celebrated artist Jill Kramer, the book is perfect for anyone who wants to listen to fireflies sing or dream of sitting on a moonbeam for two. The book also includes a free link to "The Bird and the Moon" website with tons of fun bonus features.


For the last two decades Jay Webster has been a successful writer for all things film and video: TV spots, Corporate Video, Non-profit pleas and even an original rock musical film, LoveTown.  In addition, he has been a columnist for a regional magazine, written his first children’s book (The Bird and the Moon)- with the help of his wife and four year old daughter; and completed a book of nearly-true short stories from his childhood in the 70’s. All these activities serve to keep him out of trouble…mostly.