Learn 4 Easy Rag Rug Techniques Class DVD

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In this class you'll learn how to: · Cut fabric strips quickly and efficiently. · Join fabric strips using several different techniques. · Make rag rug projects with both coordinated fabrics and scrap fabrics. · Create fabric braids and sew them into rugs, bowls and hair accessories. · Crochet beginner stitches flat and in the round to create mats and trivets. · Use a no-sew knotting tool to make floor rugs and mug rugs. · Wrap fabric around a cord then sew to make bowls, coasters and even a tote!


Keri Lee Sereika is a talented and versatile designer with a broad range of artistic skills and interests. Keri Lee is prolific and designs in various media, including beading, jewelry making, card making and stamping. Teaching others to learn new crafting skills or expand their current skills is a passion of Keri's. She has authored crafting articles for a variety of magazines and online media and has had her designs featured in numerous publications. Keri Lee's most recent book is Exquisite Embellishments for Paper Crafts.