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More About This Title BANANAGRAMS® Secrets


Discover the secret hints, tips and winning ways of the BANANAGRAMS® bunch! This book will teach you the one thing you must do in your first move; dozens of proper nounse that you can play in any word game; three ways to turn tiles that save vital seconds, how to use U.S. and UK spellings to improve your game; 19 games you can play with BANANAGRAMS® tiles; the essential tip that buys time whenever you call "PEEL!," a dictionary of WEORDS®: Weird Words That Win Word Games; and dozens of other tips to boost your BANANAGRAMS® playing power.


Deej Johnson serves as a creative consultant at BANANAGRAMS®. Dame Judi Dench is an Academy Award-winning actress and a Bananagrams super fan, who was given a Top Banana medal from Bananagrams in 2013.