Bucket of Blood
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"There is a prophecy in the Old Testament that speaks of a day of revealing. On this divinely destined day, darkness will no longer be a shadow covering the world, but the light of man?s rule. The Bucket of Blood will arrive?and sooner than we think. It begins with an appointed birth. A child is brought into the world.

With the child?s ordained delivery, the signs begin. This child rises from the ranks of afflicted people who have forgotten their way, as they fear the nation within which they live. Lies become truths, and abominations in religious sects cause desolation. People kill one another and boast of it, are even praised for it, their hearts turned to ice.

This child grows to be a man of great power and prestige, and his charisma pulls world politicians into evil fray. There are horrific ritual murders that stump investigators. Lust overtakes even the most honorable of men. The world is in a state of uproar, so will darkness prevail as the ruler of a nation brings ruin to mankind?"

Exhibited At: International book fairs