Happiest One!
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"Meet Felicissimo, Felix, Fee.

He's a happy-go-lucky, fun-loving fellow who likes a night out on the
town, a good time with a woman, a cigar and a shot. For all that, he's
an enterprising immigrant who works hard as a machinist, saves his money
and cherishes friendship and family. He believes in America the Melting
Pot, fair play and freedom.

On a wintry night in Cincinnati in 1935, his world turns ugly. This
gentle man (unless provoked) who bears no ill will finds himself wanted
by the police, boxed in by circumstances beyond his control. A friend
who could provide an alibi betrays him in his hour of need. Fearing the
authorities, he becomes a man on the run.

But this stranger who speaks broken English doesn't know how to behave
like a fugitive. When he lands in Trump, a tiny town on the
Maryland-West Virginia border, he draws attention with his Hollywood
good looks, strong work ethic and zest for life -- in short, by
being Fee, by being himself.

Despite his problems, and with little regard for himself -- some
consider him simply a fool -- he enriches those he meets in subtle and
not-so-subtle ways as he confronts racism, physical and sexual abuse,
and the artificial boundaries placed on the human spirit."

Exhibited At: International book fairs