Paradigm Lost
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"Paradigm Lost: Jamari Shaman is an adventure in future, post-apocalyptic Oregon. Jamari enters into the challenges and training regimen that will teach him to be a fully functional adult member of his tribal community. He learns how his village supports itself in a non-industrial society after the fall of civilization eighty years before. He takes a journey through the Oregon lands to the coastal areas to render and gather salt for his tribe. Along the way, he learns of the boundaries and expansion of tribal lands and also encounters other peoples who live outside the tribal influence, sometimes with disastrous interactions.

Along the physical journey, he is also taking a personal journey into his own spirit and soul, surprising himself and others with unsuspected talents and skills that exceed expectations. When he emerges from this physical and spiritual journey, he will become Jamari Shaman, a respected spiritual leader of his tribe."

Exhibited At: International book fairs