Athenais, Dhayana and Anyonyasraya
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"Frightened, to maintain, that what is saint in this ethereal relationship, doesn?t let for confrontation the artist with the mafia world, which physically ruled over her body and life. Lives as in dream . . . gifted by lover and patron study at Oxford, which were her the greatest dream, simultaneously sunk all body in material structure of organized criminality; works as escort agent, or to come down to concrete facts, as defenseless mafia boss caprice.

Kidnapped in a moment of poetic triumph, pressed to sever all relations with beloved and to devotion for upside down, sect-like pray in Siberian emptiness. Here, in reality, confronts her vision of spiritual existence with mystic abortive life and closing in monastery cell. Here also discovering arcana of perverse love, which will lead her to death . . . coming then, following steps of Juliet Capulet.

Novel this doesn?t aspire for right to answers in metaphysical questions. Isn?t neither in favor for mystic worldview, or against it. Isn?t neither in favor for lesbian love or is its enemy. It is invitation to conversation over modern problems. Controversial try, to establish place human being of twenty-first century on the earth. His possible perspectives, aims, hopes, his ideas of happiness and beauty."

Exhibited At: International book fairs