National Security, Democracy, and Good Governance in Postmilitary-Rule Nigeria, Volume Two (930 Pages)
The recent best selling book on this subject in Nigeria and Africa.
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More About This Title National Security, Democracy, and Good Governance in Postmilitary-Rule Nigeria, Volume Two (930 Pages)


"This book shows that the security, economic, political, and social problems challenging national security, democracy, and good governance currently in Nigeria would get better or worse, depending on what happens to the 71 percent of Nigeria?s population still living below the poverty line. This is in spite of the billions of petrodollars that Nigeria garnered as revenue over the past few decades.

It reveals that one does not need to be a ?political prophet? to predict that if these challenges are not successfully addressed through good governance and inclusive growth, this country will witness worse civil disobedience, violence, revolts, militancy, breakdown of law and order, more kidnappings, and more of the citizens trying to ?check out? of the country to other parts of the world in the future.

It concludes, however, that under such intense pressures, the Government of Nigeria, even if it is simply for its self-preservation, will be forced by the objective conditions to move against the interests of the dominant groups and classes in Nigeria. These are the ones who have, for long, captured and hijacked state power and the resources of the country for their exclusive use.


Dr. Dan Mou is currently the Executive Chairman, Centre for Poverty Eradication, Development and Equal Opportunity (CEPEDEO), Abuja, Nigeria. He holds a B.Sc. Hons. Political Science (1979). University of Ibadan, Nigeria; M.A. (1982) and Ph.D. (1986), University of Wisconsin, Madison, U.S.A. specializing in Public Policy Analysis and African Politics. He also has a Ph.D. (Honoris Causa), International Law and Diplomacy (2013), Pacific Western University, Colorado, U.S.A. and another Ph.D. (Honoris Causa), Business Administration (2013), Cornerstone University, Jerusalem, Israel.
He lectured at the University of Jos, Nigeria and the University of Wisconsin, Madison, U.S.A., before joining the Presidency in Nigeria in 1989, where his positions included: Director (Narcotics Drugs Control); Director (Special Duties), Director (Monitoring and Evaluation), and later appointed the Secretary, National Poverty Eradication Programme (NAPEP). He also served as Director, Nigeria Air Force, and Director (Human Resources) Ministry of Defence, as well as Director (Human Resources, Inspectorate and Management Services), Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In addition, he served as a Member, Presidential Jobs Board, State House, The Presidency, Abuja, Nigeria.
Dr. Mou further served as Special Adviser (National Security Affairs) to the National Security Advisers in the Presidency, under three consecutive Nigerian Governments. He has published extensively in scholarly journals and books. His bestsellers are: National Security and Democratic Governance in Nigeria; Keys to Good Governance; National Security, Good Governance and Democracy in Africa; State Power, Agrarian Policies and Peasant Welfare in Nigeria; and Making of An African Giant: State, Politics and Public Policy in Nigeria, Volumes One and Two; Girl Child Education, Democratic Governance and Sustainable Development in Africa; Serving the Nation as a Calling: How Experts can Influence Public Policies Without Being in Power and National Security, Good Governance and Democracy in Post-Military Rule Nigeria. His marriage to Mimidoo Osewe Mou is blessed with children.
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• “These books are a must read. Dr. Dan Mou, a world-class trained political scientist, who has served at various Ministries and parastatals in Nigeria before retirement, has made stoning revelations.” Lead Times Africa Magazine

• “Dr. Dan Mou, a varsity don and seasoned civil servant, (who) spent over two decades working in Nigeria’s Presidency, provides deep insights in these books, into the intractable security situation in Nigeria and Africa, among other issues.” Daily Trust

• “Dr. Dan Mou, an accomplished political scientist and public servant with a firm grasp of national security and public policy … has revealed a lot in his new book: Making of an African Giant: State, Politics and Public Policy in Nigeria, Volumes 1 & 2. Public policy and the state of affairs in Nigeria is the focus of this excellent and well researched book filled with the authors contributions toward a better and prosperous Nigeria … Dr. Mou rightly predicted what we are currently witnessing in Nigeria in this excellent book that all Nigerians should read.” The Nation.

• “I did not only get autographed copies of the book … which incidentally is filled with the author’s contributions toward a better and prosperous Nigeria. … how would I have known that this was the man that wrote a personal Memo to former President Olusegun Obasanjo that led to the establishment of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)? How would I have also known that he was equally the brain behind a personal Memo that led to the establishment of the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs and the Amnesty Programme that brought relative peace to that hitherto restive region? … It can be quite painful doing the ‘donkey job’ without being appreciated. In all this, did I detect any hint of bitterness in Dr. Mou? Not at all. He is still contributing his quota to ensure Nigeria gets back on the right track. This is surely one optimistic Nigerian.” The Nation.

• “Having successfully designed and masterminded many workable national schemes in the past in Nigeria, like the memoranda that led to the establishment of the EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission), Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs, the Amnesty Programme for the Niger Delta Region Militants, to mention just a few … Dr. Dan Mou, in these books, has (proposed) permanent solutions to these public policy challenges. … it is no fallacy to say that no one else could have done it better.” Dr. O.W. Bashorun, Provost, College of Education, Lagos, Nigeria

• “I am very impressed with their theoretical scope, command of extant literature and methodological sophistication. Dr. Mou’s books should be of immense interest to a broad range of scholars – from political theorists, to political economists as well as African area specialists.” Professor Crawford Young, Department of Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison, U.S.A.

• “There is this perception that Nigerians don’t write and read. This perception is deep seated, even among intellectuals who see our authors as shallow researchers. But Making of an African Giant by Dr. Dan Mou, has debunked that myth and shown that Nigerians can write well researched and detailed books. So we have to ensure that readers know the book exists … It is quite prophetic in its assessment of the Nigerian State.” Agbo Agbo, Columnist, The Nation Newspaper.

• “Dr. Dan Mou’s Making of an African Giant: State, Politics and Public Policy in Nigeria Volumes 1 & 2 which cover 1,860 pages, are not just mere books. They are clearly encyclopedia. Everything you want to know about the State, Politics, economy and society in Nigeria is there!” Dr. Yima Sen, Senior Lecturer, Department of Mass Communication, Baze University, Abuja, Nigeria.

• “Dr. Dan Mou … Thanks for contributing to knowledge. Your books are highly expository and full of discoveries … We are very proud of you.” S.A. Raofu, Chairman, Committee of Deans, AOCOE, Lagos, Nigeria.

• “I have bought and read these Dr. Mou’s books. It is clear now that I am one of his quiet admirers … Dr. Mou is certainly one of the best scholars we have on the African continent … As an educationist myself, before I became a Traditional Ruler, I agree totally with his analysis and conclusions in these books. In particular I recommend these books to governments, politicians, policy makers, educationalists and the general public.
I share the optimism Dr. Mou has expressed in these books, that once the recommendations there in are adopted and meticulously implemented, with proper monitoring and evaluation of such resultant policies and programmes, Nigeria and indeed Africa, would be able to solve most of the challenges currently associated with national security, good governance and democracy on the continent.
Buy these books, read these books and above all, take the necessary steps to implement the policy recommendations Dr. Mou has offered therein all over the continent of Africa. Well done, Dr. Mou.” HRH Alh. (Dr.) Sheban Audu, Nizazo III, Etsu Kwali, Etsu Kwali’s Palace, Abuja, Nigeria.

• “The purpose of Dr. Dan Mou in these books is certainly to stimulate international policy debate on the problems associated with sustainable development, national security, good governance and democracy in Africa. Dr. Mou, a reputable public policy expert of world-class standing, who had also worked for three decades at the highest level in the Public Service of Nigeria, and currently serves as a Member of the Presidential Jobs Board in the Presidency at Abuja, has done an excellent work in these books.
I am very thankful to God and to Dr. Mou that these seven books are now available for all to read. I hope that the rich content of these books will generate the needed debate, awareness and stimulate concrete policy actions to tackle these issues in Africa that would guarantee maximum positive results.
I recommend these books as a must-read for educationists, scholars, policy maters, politicians and the general public.” Dr. Edet B. Ekpenyong, President, Pan African Girl Child Education Foundation, Abuja, Nigeria.

• “I thank God for having the opportunity to read four of Dr. Dan Mou’s recently released books on different subjects relating to Nigeria and Africa as a whole. The ones I have so far read are:

Making of an African Giant: State, Politics and Public Policy in Nigeria, (Volumes I and 2); National Security, Good Governance and Democracy in Africa; State Power, Agrarian Policies and Peasant Welfare in Nigeria – all published by AuthorHouse in Bloomington, Indiana, USA; and Girl Child Education, Democratic Governance and Sustainable Development in Africa, published by Pan African Publishing House, Abuja, Nigeria.

Dr. Dan Mou has proven himself a world-class scholar and an intellectual colossus. His reputation as an internationally renowned public policy expert has continued to soar…
Dr. Mou’s books are meant to solve African problems and they surely would. These books of a literary icon are strongly recommended for intellectuals, policy makers, and even for the general readers. I congratulate him for these remarkable achievements.” Professor Justice Abdul Fatai Kuti, First Justice of Abuja High Court; and former Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State of Nigeria.

• “Dear Prof. Dan Mou,
Congratulations for these stimulating and wonderful books. Yes, this is you! … I believe these books would make landmark contributions to knowledge! Well done… Best Regards.” Gen. Chris A. Garuba, CFR., Former Military Governor of Bauchi State, Nigeria.

• “Professor Dan Mou,
Congratulations for these two outstanding text books: Making of an African Giant: State, Politics and Public Policy in Nigeria, Volumes I and 2. This is what Professors should be doing to promote academic excellence. Your achievements do not come as a surprise to me. You are really worth this! Warm Regards.” Dr. Elijah Apine, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Sciences, University of Jos, Nigeria.

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