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More About This Title THE RUT


The Rut is a novel set in the North Country of New York State that explores gay adoption in an entertaining way for both gay and general audiences. Ean is a young gay man who works as a Forensic Case Manager at a social services agency, who has been married to Stacy, an Assistant District Attorney, for three years. Stacy feels compelled to adopt a child Ean names Tur (Rut spelled backwards), who is about to be placed in foster care. As their journey with Tur begins, Ean almost loses Stacy in a car accident with a male bull moose. Stacy dies suddenly after years of disability. Ean tries to start a new life with Tur without Stacy; however, he encounters many impediments ranging from suicidal thoughts to the Cinderella complex. Ean must overcome the final conflict of allowing Mark, a moose-obsessed Department of Conservation (DEC) worker, to fully enter his life or perish in loneliness. In the end, Ean triumphs as he allows Mark, a new male “bull”, into his life.