The Ludlum Prediction
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It’s the year 2018. North Platte, Lincoln County, USA is a place noted for declining employment prospects at the once famous railroad depot ... and little else. For Ed Ludlum, he could reside anywhere and still earn a good living as a professional ‘Data Miner’ ... someone who can tell you what you’ll shop for next Wednesday at three o’clock, which shop you’ll use ... and what shelf you’ll find it on. However, a powerful, wealthy and politically well connected US based secretive religious sect wish to avail themselves of Ed Ludlum’s unique services ... and they are willing to pay well for it. Ed’s work soon comes to the attention of some of the most powerful Intelligence Agencies in the world, becoming known as ‘The Ludlum Prediction’ ... a prophesy that if fulfilled, could possibly change the world as we know it ... forever! Sitting on the sidelines is one man with the power and determination to thwart the best laid plans of highly professional State Intelligence Agents. He knows that if ‘The Ludlum Prediction’ is in any way linked to the expected appearance of a new prophet, or religious deity, then the Catholic Church could be led to the edge of a credibility precipice. Has Ed Ludlum got it right? With the surprise discovery of 3000 year old inscribed tablets linking two great civilisations and key religious beliefs together ... half a world apart ... he thinks he has. However, the very best of carefully executed plans can fail, as they did, so horrifically in the chilling final hours of what was to be the end game adventure, played out on a remote Tibetan plateau ... only miles from the militarily sensitive Chinese border. Will this bring an end to all the speculation and questions of legitimacy surrounding ‘The Ludlum Prediction’, or trigger a new series of events that could inevitably lead to the beginning of a major world crisis? Perhaps there is something even more sinister afoot, urging Ludlum down a path ... to a place ... from which there will be no possible return! Could ‘The Ludlum Prediction’ in fact be reality? Is it about to happen ... or, more concerning ... could it have happened already? The facts are there … the figures are there. You decide..!