When Women Become Invisible
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More About This Title When Women Become Invisible


"This autobiography describes the author?s perspective on what happens to many women when they become middle aged. As her forties transition to her fifties, Victoria Janosevic notices that she is being progressively overlooked and unnoticed, to the point of eventually feeling invisible. As a woman living in a youth-worshipping culture, she discovers that beauty and perfection are required more than ever, that women of the proverbial ?certain age? are granted a swift and compulsory ?divorce? from mainstream social (and popular) culture, and from relevance.

This ?divorce? is a rude, intangible reminder that verifies she is not needed anymore, that she no longer resides in a desirable demographic. It?s disconcerting and insulting for many women to watch their individual value, on a sexually desirability scale, decrease and vanish. Of course it doesn?t happen overnight. But the older a woman gets, she finds that one day it happens: life is different. The Bible has Ten Commandments, to which society has added an eleventh: Thou shalt not age.

The author was passionately driven to write this book. Why? She wants to remind women of a certain age that they are not alone. Writing her memoir to encourage herself, she found she could also be a positive voice of encouragement and renewed joy to others traveling along a similar path."

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