Trouble Rides a Fast Horse
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In this exciting sequel to “If Horses Were Wishes”, Katy’s adventures continue in her guise as Lady, the horse who makes up the sixth part of a detecting gang of friends. The suspense runs high as the Fallon Five are determined to get to the bottom of some very strange goings on in the large stable yard of their mortal rival in the show jumping arena. Katy has to use every ounce of her strength and the skills she has only recently learned, to smuggle herself into the yard as an undercover horse-spy. But she discovers the stakes are much higher than any of them had expected – and that their foes are armed, dangerous, and very angry.

With the help of the horses in the yard, and then from a surprisingly unexpected quarter, the Fallon Five cause mayhem in their quest, and finally succeed in finding out what they’ve come for. But will the friends be able to make it home safely and persuade the adults that they are telling the truth about what they have found? Will they be able to save the remaining horses at the stable yard? And will Katy remain happy in her new life as a horse, or will she finally decide to try and turn back into a girl?


Elizabeth Sellers has loved horses all her life. Born in London, England, she moved with her family to the country at the age of four. There, to her delight, her older brothers would borrow ponies and prop her up on them. After emigrating to Canada when she was six, subsequent homes were within the city of Ottawa. For each of her birthdays thereafter she wished for a horse, but never lived where she could keep one. She took riding lessons in Gatineau, Quebec, where her love of horses grew into a passion. After graduating from high school she chose to learn to teach riding, which she did while living in various parts of England and Scotland. Elizabeth, now a parent of two teenagers, has written many stories about horses for children.


"Captivating, Stimulating and Educational"
- Sheila Pennington, Ph.D.

"It's brilliant! Doctor Dolittle and Harry Potter combined!"
- Dawn C