Going Astray
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At what precise moment does a church become a cult?
When Laura opts to pledge her life further unto God, leaving behind her home for that of a Christian commune, she has no idea what lies in waiting. Rapidly morphing from the calm spiritual lifestyle promised into a compound of security gates, locked doors and night alarms, Laura panics as her life mutates around her. As Greg, their increasingly dominating pastor, flexes his power over the sect, her faith in their procedures unravels. Surely a benevolent God would not want her cut her off from her children, her friends, and her freedom as she has been? Faced with decisions that will rip apart her family, Laura acts, but her breathtaking struggle to escape tears apart the family, as this story of betrayal builds to a terrifying climax.


Christine Moore was born at Brocket Hall in Hertfordshire in 1948. She went to a girls’ grammar school and ended up as a hospital physicist at Kent and Canterbury Hospital, without knowing quite how she got there. After marrying and having her own children, she moved on to teaching children with Special Educational Needs. Christine is now retired;she and her husband David live a mostly peaceful life in a Norfolk Broadland village on the river Bure. They have two grown-up daughters and three grandchildren.