Dance of Eagles
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An explosive adventure-thriller set in 14th-century Africa, and in the 1970's bush war of Rhodesia-Zimbabwe. Powerful characters who shaped their worlds, interwoven into a vivid tapestry that melds two stories: Tcana, daughter of a cattleherd, wife of a prince, high priestess of a new religion that will rip apart the ancient city of Tsimbaboue in the 1300s; and American TV journalist Rebecca Rawlings, caught up centuries later in the remnants of Tcana's faith and a violent war of attrition –Rhodesia, during the 1970s. Peter Kennedy, commander of the famed Selous Scouts. His friend and right-hand man, Kuru. And Kuru's brother, Mandhla, trained as a top flight freedom fighter by the Russians. In this gripping tale of love and retribution, Mandhla stalks the woman he sees as the key to his revenge, as surely as Peter and Kuru stalk the man known only to them by his nom-de-guerre: the Mamba.


Born in Northern Rhodesia, Jo Holloway grew up in various countries of Central and Southern Africa. She served in the Rhodesian Defence Force, as one of only 12 female Rural IntAff Cadets at that time. She has 25 years' broadcast experience in Rhodesia, South Africa and the UK, and her scriptwriting credits include many hundreds of hours of TV, film, radio, and multimedia programming. After selling up to go sailing in 2004-2006, on her return to the UK she started Sunpenny, a small independent publishing house which has since become the Sunpenny Publishing Group. Jo has two adult children living in Berlin and Wiltshire, and lives in north west England while dreaming of the Mediterranean.


"... reminds me of some of the great [earlier] works of Wilbur Smith. This book certainly ranks with some of the best ... I would not hesitate to give it the highest rating available." - Lillian Brummett, Book Ideas.

"The narrative is fast-paced and crisply told. ... never forgets to keep her stories moving, alternating between historical eras and geographical locations swiftly. She writes with clarity and style. Above all, her novel melds many universal themes - love, hatred, religion, fear and rebellion - into one insightful, compulsive narrative." - BookWire Review