The Most Important Science Fiction Films of The 20th Century
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More About This Title The Most Important Science Fiction Films of The 20th Century


A collection of essays about films which helped to influence film makers and their importance to culture and the genre. Each essay includes a complete plot synopsis, additional analyses and notes about their production, anecdotal information and data about the production techniques involved. The essays about the films touch on topics like human ethics and cultural meaning, philosophical subext, and a lesson or warning of what can happen if humanity fails to act or ignores the warning signs. Each film has been selected for addition to this volume based on the author's experience as a fan of science fiction and a film critic. Some of the films listed may seem like cheaply made popcorn thrillers but when seen for their themes and impact they were actually quite educational. The chronology runs from 1925 through 1999, beginning with "The Lost World" and ending with "The Thirteenth Floor".


Theresa M. Moore is an author and illustrator who publishes under the Antellus imprint. Her current projects include the Children of The Dragon SF/vampire fusion series and the Saxon & Hampstead Investigations, Ltd. mythbuster detective series. Moore also writes nonfiction essays and books on genre related subjects like history, mythology and science with a view to extend her fiction; and writes in a strong cinematic style to bring the full experience of the story to the reader. For more information and titles visit