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More About This Title Nagrasanti


In the 24th century, Megan Thereau is a journalist invited to a secret enclave to cover an important debate, only to find a community of humans and vampires living in harmony. But soon the compound is besieged from within as well as without as a mysterious illness strikes and an adept from an ancient vampire cult invades to wreak havoc. Megan discovers she has a special ability of her own when she learns the truth about the dragon's blood.


Theresa M. Moore is an author and illustrator who publishes under the Antellus imprint. Her current projects include the Children of The Dragon SF/vampire fusion series and the Saxon & Hampstead Investigations, Ltd. mythbuster detective series. Moore also writes nonfiction essays and books on genre related subjects like history, mythology and science with a view to extend her fiction and writes in a strong cinematic style to bring the full experience of the story to the reader. For more information and titles visit