Destiny's Forge
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Honor and duty, loyalty and betrayal, murder and revenge, in an interlacement of danger, science fiction adventure and vampire romance. In the 23rd century, a stranger from another planet comes to Earth, her origin and mission a mystery. Through a quirky twist of good fortune agent Antonia Bellero is given a commission to serve on the military dreadnought Destiny's Forge and investigate the disappearance of an intelligence officer as his replacement. The crew is haunted by acts of sabotage perpetrated by a mysterious but clever assailant. Soon afterward, the ship is ordered to investigate the disappearance of other ships in an area of deep space, only to be threatened with total annihilation by an illegal experiment gone wrong. But as Antonia is faced with a series of monumental challenges on her quest to confront an ancient enemy, she finds her course changed by destiny as the fate of two worlds is placed in her hands. Book 1 of the SF/vampire series Children of The Dragon.