Memang Jodoh
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Hamli never thought that his decision to accept a scholarship from the Dutch government to continue his education was opposed by her parents. He has hoped that his parents will support wholeheartedly. However, traditional Minang custom that bind him tightly turned down his ideals.

Hamli then decided to break the tradition, leaving his hometown to study in other city. And when in this city he met a charming lady of Priangan, a bitter choice had to be taken. Hamli is willing to be "dumped" by custom and parents for the sake of the love he has for this lady.

As his everlasting romance Siti Nurbaya”, in this novel Marah Rusli was also influenced by the cultures of the west Sumatran Minangkabau and the Dutch colonials, who had controlled Indonesia in various forms since the 17th century. This novel is written as a semi-autobiography of Marah Rusli, the author of the classical literary work in the realm of Indonesian literature. Who would have thought that the great writer has such a touching story of eternal love? With this novel, Marah Rusli once again presents a valuable legacy to the world of Indonesian literature.


Marah Rusli was named The Father of Modern Indonesian Romance Writer. His everlasting romance titled "Siti Nurbaya” is generally considered one of the most important works of Indonesian literature.


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