The Miracle Dulcimer

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"The Miracle Dulcimer" describes the instant-play method, how to get started with the dulcimer, tips on how to start a group for regularly playing music, personal stories, and a collection of 27 songs. The Miracle Dulcimer's 27 easy-play songs and instant-play method is ideal for individuals and groups who wish to play music but lack the skill or desire to learn. Natalie Buske Thomas, author of the Serena Wilcox Mysteries, created The Miracle Dulcimer Method when her mother was terminally ill, to enable her mother to instantly play music, without ever having played an instrument before and without any knowledge of how to read sheet music. The Miracle Dulcimer Method is a good option for anyone who wishes to play a real musical instrument (a mountain dulcimer, relatively inexpensive and can even be built from a kit) but lacks the ability or the desire to learn an instrument. This method is a wonderful solution for people with disabilities, special needs, and anyone who would benefit from music therapy. The instant-play method is also a great fit for playing music in groups, such as in church or community centers -- non musicians and children can play right away -- an excellent choice for fellowship and social events for people from all walks of life, mixed ages, and skill levels beginning with "never played an instrument before". Whether you are looking for a new option for a community group, seeking music therapy for yourself or a loved one, or you simply want to play music without the hassle of learning how, this book is for you!


Natalie loves all things Irish, oil painting, sugar cookies, the color red, pizza, live music, and singing. She is author of books for all ages and enjoys people who are still capable of having an imagination, of having a sense of wonder, of feeling hopeful and full of energy, of feeling as if anything is possible, of feeling afraid of scary things and unafraid of the rest... of having courage, of being selfless, of being spontaneous, of recognizing humor, and of living life to the absolute fullest.

Natalie was born in upstate New York, raised in Indiana, and then lived in Germany for three years. She currently resides near the Twin Cities (Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Minnesota). Natalie would one day like to time travel, but for now she writes about it.

Natalie Buske Thomas is an author, artist and entertainer. She is best known for the Serena Wilcox Mysteries for adult readers and for her oil painting "Savannah Reading in the Butterfly Garden". She also sings, plays instruments and is a tap dancer. She has authored non-fiction titles and children's titles as well. Natalie resides with her husband and three children near the Twin Cities. More information about Natalie is available at her website:


Table of Contents:
Section 1: The Miracle Dulcimer
Section 2: How to Use This Book
Section 3: Buying a Dulcimer and Accessories
Section 4: How to Play the Dulcimer
Section 5: Being Social with your Dulcimer
Section 6: The Miracle Dulcimer Method
Section 7: Songbook #1 Children’s Songs
Section 8: Songbook #2 Christmas Songs
Section 9: Songbook #3 Gospel Songs
Section 10: Songbook #4 Campfire & Sing-a-longs
Appendix: Letters for labeling your dulcimer, Diagram of dulcimer