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AIRBRUSH PHOTOREALISTIC STEP BY STEP by Hassler, Roger; Fanel, Valentin from newart medien & design GbR

  • Author:
  • Illustrator:
    Hassler, Roger; Fanel, Valentin
  • Publisher Name:
    newart medien & design
  • Binding Type:
    Paperback / softback
  • ISBN 10:
  • ISBN 13:
  • Price:
  • Publication Date:
    September 1, 2012
  • No. of Page:
    100 - 200
  • Height:
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  • Length:
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  • newart medien & design GbR
newart medien & design GbR

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newart medien & design GbR was founded by Katja and Roger Hassler in 2006, offering publishing, design and marketing services. Their publishing program is all about the airbrush technique, illustration, digital and body painting. The company publishes “Airbrush Step by Step” magazine as well as the ...

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The creation of photorealistic paintings is one of the most challenging and demanding projects of an airbrush artist. “Airbrush Photorealistic“ introduces techniques and opportunities to realize motifs as realistic as possible. Four step-by-step tutorials show the emergence in detail. Drafts and mixing charts for the workshops help to realize the exercises quickly. With several complex and technically
challenging artworks, the book demonstrates how to work with opaque colours, design textures and how to handle the frisk fi lm. Beside technical illustrations like air planes and a car, also a portrait is explained step-by-step. The most important expressions all about airbrush and photorealism are defined in the glossary.