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MonuMental: The Hack's Back by Steven O'Connor from Steven O'Connor

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    Euan Mitchell
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    February 22, 2013
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  • Steven O'Connor
Steven O'Connor

Offered By Steven O'Connor

Steven O'Connor writes young adult fiction with a futuristic bent. His writing is influenced by Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy), Blade Runner, Dr Who, and just about every sci-fi film and TV show you could possibly think of. His initial manuscript for EleMental: A First-person Shoo...

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'Am I real or just a v'game character?' In the future, it can get very confusing.

The follow up to EleMental. (Or read it first - it's up to you!)

Willis, Zeb and Arizona stumble into a dangerous v'game (virtual video game), and while they struggle to get out, they meet another v'gamer - a mysterious girl named Trinity, who leads them to question their very existence.

Meanwhile, someone deadly is trapped in an obsolete corner of virtual space - and he's trying to tap into Zeb's special gameblur power to get out.

MonuMental is designed to be enjoyed either as a standalone book or as a follow up to EleMental.