Forge of Stones
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In a world dominated by a theocratic regime, a revolution is about to erupt. A rebel seeks out a curator's apprentice on the run. They will soon be carried away in a mysterious place, entangled in an adventure that will reveal an earth-shattering truth. In the meantime, a strange sort of pilgrim from afar will meet with a man seeking knowledge and power, changing their world for ever.


The dancer
The Curator
The jester
The boatman
The Pilgrim
The City of Pyr
Dangers of the trade
Inescapable Reality
Darkly lit night
The marble road
Under a livid sky
A long and winding path
Of the Sun and Moon
Machina Segnis
The longest errand
Per Ardua
Wishes of the Unholy
Circumstance and happenstance
By the horns of the bull
Meetings and Greetings
Stirred Within
A fool’s resolve
Breaking point
Two steps beyond
Friend or foe
All in good time
Ad Veritas
The burial of the dead
Memory and desire
A dead tree gives no shelter
Fear in a handful of dust
The Sleeping Man
A game of chess
An unviolable voice
A sermon of fire and blood
The game board
Ex Principia