Raw Material
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Bank Holiday weekend. Sunrise on a secluded Welsh beach and Beatrice Stubbs takes some innocent snaps. The scene contains more than just cliffs and seagulls, and someone wants those pictures destroyed. But Beatrice’s mind is on other things.

Assigned to the London Transport Police, she’s pursuing the Finsbury Park Flasher, trying to pre-empt a serious sexual offence. While Beatrice is distracted, neighbour Adrian and companion Matthew decide to play Poirot, and investigate the mystery of the disappearing photographs. Amateur detectives and professional criminals are a dangerous mix.

From deserted Pembrokeshire beaches, through the shadowy underpasses of North London, to the remote Irish countryside, Beatrice discovers the darker side of human nature.


Jill grew up in Wales, Africa and the Middle East, where her curiosity for culture took root and triggered an urge to write.
After graduating in English Literature and Theatre Studies, she worked as an actor, teacher, writer, director, editor, journalist and cultural trainer all over Europe.
Now based in Switzerland, Jill works as a language trainer, forms part of the Nuance Words project and is a regular columnist for Words with JAM magazine. S
he lives with her husband and three dogs, and in an attic overlooking a cemetery, she writes.


“The characters leap off the page, the prose is witty and intelligent, and the plot twists keep you hooked till the last. What more could you ask?” Barbara Scott Emmett, author of European thriller Don’t Look Down

"Raw Material is an excellent crime novel full of humour and horrors. I was hooked from start to finish by the plot, the rising tension and looming menace, and the many-faceted personalities--even minor characters leap off the page. Beatrice Stubbs is my new favourite detective, but amateur Adrian is a close second. Can't wait for the next book in the series." Helle Norup, Cafe Schober Writers' Clan

"My personal new heroine JJ MARSH, author of Raw Material - God, I loved this book. Plus reading Raw Material made me understand how much I still have to learn about writing. - Vivienne M. Sharma

"I have enough perverse thoughts of my own without needing to feed on accounts of sexual depravity. But the book is exciting. It draws one in. Some rather realistic – if not particularly laudable – human exchanges reveal honest personal struggles concerning life’s bigger questions; the abstruse clues resonate with the covert detective in me; and the suspense is enough to cause me to miss my stop." Viktor Steiner, author of Aquila, Elba