Behind Closed Doors
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Suicide - the act of taking one's own life. Homicide - the act of taking someone else's. An unethical banker suffocates. A diamond dealer slits his wrists. A media magnate freezes in the snow. A disgraced CEO inhales exhaust fumes. Four unpopular businessmen, four apparent suicides. Until Interpol find the same DNA at each death. Beatrice Stubbs, on her first real case since 'the incident', arrives in Switzerland to lead the investigation. But there's more to Zurich than chocolate and charm. Potential suspects are everywhere, her Swiss counterpart is hostile and the secretive world of international finance seems beyond the law. Battling impossible odds by day and her own demons at night, Beatrice has never felt so alone. She isn't. Someone's watching. Someone else who believes in justice. The poetic kind. Behind Closed Doors is the first in the Beatrice Stubbs series.


Jill grew up in Wales, Africa and the Middle East, where her curiosity for culture took root and triggered an urge to write.
After graduating in English Literature and Theatre Studies, she worked as an actor, teacher, writer, director, editor, journalist and cultural trainer all over Europe.
Now based in Switzerland, Jill works as a language trainer, forms part of the Nuance Words project and is a regular columnist for Words with JAM magazine.
She lives with her husband and three dogs, and in an attic overlooking a cemetery, she writes.


“Thrilling new crime fiction from a seriously good writer.” – Annemarie Neary, author of A Parachute in a Lime Tree

“Beatrice Stubbs is a fascinating character, and a welcome addition to crime literature, in a literary and thought provoking novel. One of the most interesting elements to the story was the morality of the killer’s ideals versus the immorality of their actions. I heartily recommend this as an exciting and intelligent read for fans of crime fiction.” – Sarah Richardson, Judging Covers

“If this novel isn't the first in a series I will personally seek out JJ Marsh and, in true Annie Wilkes fashion, force her to write more Beatrice just for me.
I really recommend this literary, clever and accomplished novel to all fans of high-quality crime fiction.” –Sheila Bugler, author of Hunting Shadows

“I was reminded of Nicci French's new series featuring Dr Frieda Klein” – ShelleyRae, Book’d Out

“Behind Closed Doors straddles the boundary between literary fiction and crime writing, but it sits comfortably in both camps. It is, quite simply, a very well constructed crime novel written by an author in total control of her material.” –Frances di Plino, author of Bad Moon Rising

“Hooked from the start and couldn't put this down. Superb, accomplished and intelligent writing.” – Books Review Plus

“If you like your crime mixed with literary fiction, JJ Marsh is definitely a new writer to watch. A stylish debut for Stubbs - and if she becomes the heroine of a hit TV series, I shan't be at all surprised.” – Linda Gillard, author of House of Silence

“Warning: once you start this book you may not be able to put it down, and you may find yourself talking to it.” – Compulsion Reads