Fantasteen: Final Destiny
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This is a story of a land full of anxiety. The schools teach martial arts to students for self-defense. They are ready to fight to reveal the mystery. Chloe's life changes when the Book of Mistakes disappeared from Cawla Museum. She has a until a strange dream that seemed real in which she can see a secret library and a ferocious two-headed dog. Where does all this weirdness lead?


Namaku Mona Yonatha Anatasha. Aku lahir di Bandung, 29 Mei 1996. Aku bersekolah di SMA Negeri 4 Bandung. Hobiku menulis cerita, menggambar, membaca, dan mendengarkan musik.Final Destiny merupakan novel pertamaku. Jika teman-teman ingin memberikan kritik dan saran, kirim saja melalui e-mail [email protected] Aku tunggu, ya ….