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The Whiskey Rebellion and the Rebirth of Rye by Meredith Meyer Grelli from Independent Publishers Group

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  • A Pittsburgh Story
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    Belt Publishing
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    Paperback / softback
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  • Publication Date:
    November 13, 2017
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    November 13, 2017
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    7.00 in
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    5.00 in

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A short history of rye whiskey’s founding, floundering, and current flourishing in Pittsburgh. The book takes reader on a fun tour of the Whiskey Rebellion, the role of Pittsburgh robber barons in developing the rye industry, and the rebirth of craft distillery in the twentieth century. Includes an illustrated guide to making rye whiskey and recipes.

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Meredith Meyer Grelli and Mark Meyer are the co-owners of Wigle Whiskey, Pittsburgh’s first distillery since Prohibition. They both live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.