Investigating Sherlock Holmes

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Enter the world of Sherlock Holmes … It is vast, complex, endlessly fascinating, full of characters, intrigue, twists, turns, amusing, engrossing and much more. And, there are thousands and thousands of people all on every continent who participate in this Sherlock Holmes world. They are known as Sherlockians, Bootmakers (taking the name from an allusion in the Hounds of the Baskervilles). They attend meetings, dinners, exchange views, write papers, discuss...they find many ways to share their obsessions. The most famous Sherlock Holmes Society is the Baker Street Irregulars, founded in 1934. Membership is by invitation only and their major event is an annual dinner in New York. There are numerous journal and publications devoted to Sherlockian and Doylian topics and matters! Investigating Sherlock Holmes brings together thirty-seven of the Nathan and Goldfarb essays into one intriguing and unusual volume. Here the reader can explore how two superb legal minds dig deeply into the mystique, the details, the vagaries, the solved and unsolved mysteries of the Sherlockian world. At once humorous, serious, scholarly and yet whimsical, these papers and essays will delight everyone.