Las Normales

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Evie, Willow, and Krista live in New York. All three face the daily difficulties that women face in pursuit of economic and emotional independence, in a predominantly patriarchal society.  One day they find what seems to be the gateway to end all their problems: a magic potion that converts anyone who drinks it into a supermodel. One drop is all it takes to become a beauty. Afterwards, everything seems to flow better. They get better jobs, people are kinder to them, and they receive more attention and opportunities than they did before, though not everything is as beautiful as it seems. They discover, much to their regret, what happens when they face the counterpart of this magical transformation.


Georgia Clark is an author, playwright, and actress who hold a degree in the arts. She has worked as a freelance journalist and her articles have been published in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, CLEO, Daily Life, Sunday Life, and Girlfriend. She is also the author of Parched and She’s with the Band.